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We are veteran American journalists who retired in 2015 and headed to Italy, our favorite European travel destination, in January 2016. We always wanted to live overseas and now we do.

Pamela was a political reporter and columnist for newspapers in Florida and Washington, D.C., for many years before turning to food and wine writing.  Don worked as a reporter, editorial writer and columnist before becoming the editor of daily newspapers in Florida and Colorado.

We began our European adventure in Monopoli, a small town in Puglia on the Adriatic Sea. And what an adventure it is — from celebrating innumerable local festivals, to making wonderful Italian friends who suffer through our rudimentary Italian, to learning the sometimes complex ins and outs of daily life in Southern Italian. Every day brings a fresh surprise.

Giving in to wanderlust, we moved to Siracusa, Sicily in 2018, a charming ancient city once a rival to Athens and Carthage. We pass the Temple of Apollo from the 6th century BC on our way to the daily open market.  We watch the evening show of la dolce vita from our local wine bar or the steps of the main cathedral with Ionic columns from the same era.  Not inclined simply to watch, we eat, drink, learn and travel — and enjoy sharing it all via Ciaotime.

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