It took five months but our cats are finally EU approved

Favoring our felines with EU pet passports


Before arriving in Italy, we’d read that it would take three days to obtain European Union pet passports that would allow our two cats to travel with us hassle-free around our adopted home country and most of the rest of Europe.

We should have known better.

After five months, two vets, four office visits, two physical exams (of the cats), reams of paperwork, two vaccinations, countless phone calls, lots of help from a kind city official and about $500 in various fees and taxes, we finally have succeeded in moving the Italian government to favor our felines with the passports.

Although the cats feign indifference, we’re positively thrilled to have prevailed in a small but long and often frustrating struggle with the infamous Italian bureaucracy.

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  1. Rosemary O'Hara in Novembre 1, 2016 il 7:35 pm

    Where were the cats until you were able to bring them
    over, Don?
    I’m trying to catch up on what you guys are doing and how it’s going! How long are you planning to stay there? And how’s it going? Have you learned Italian? If you’ve posted about this, direct me, please, to the link. Sounds like you’re having fun a and living life to its fullest. Rosemary O’Hara

  2. Mary Jane Henderson in Dicembre 16, 2016 il 3:14 pm

    I still think you should write a “Modern Love” piece for NYTimes about this! It would get published!

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