The festa (celebration) commemorates the miracle of 1480, when Saracens attacked the ancient port town of Trani.

Blundering into a festa in Trani

Blundering into a festa in Trani By PAMELA HASTEROK with photos by DON LINDLEY We arrived in Trani on an everyday Tuesday to find Jesus being ferried around the harbor, a marching band playing loudly and clergymen and city leaders in brightly colored robes ready to receive the holy icon on land. We had blundered…

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April 25 – Liberation Day

Learning about Italy’s national holiday – Liberation Day

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Pondering Puglia’s Primitivo

Family-owned Varvaglione exemplifies Puglia’s quality wine culture

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Let us show you our puccia

Explore the sights — and eats — of Lecce

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